About Violet

My Name is Violet Bond and I’m in love with the Wild.

I’m an environmental artist, sculptor and photographer. But really at my core I like to make art with what is around me. Bones, earth, dirt and fire - the things under my feet.

I grew up with first nations people in Northern Australia, one of the few places left in Australia where white people are in the minority. I remember being endlessly inspired by the mastery Indigenous Australians have over the wild. 

Burial Rites https://opensea.io/VioletBondArt is my heart work. The work I was meant to make in this life and all of my lifes to come. To honor the wild, and the cycle of life as death makes way for the new in the natural world.

I am always happy to connect via Instagram or Twitter so shoot me a DM.
Thank you for being here for the work

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